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Ethical AI: Today’s Actions,
Tomorrow’s Possibilities

Nicoletta has written two ground-breaking books on human creativity and the ethics of AI, and there’s a third on the way!

Nicoletta regularly gives lectures and seminars on subjects related to the vast field of AI ethics and human creativity.

Nicoletta welcomes opportunities to give interviews on these crucial topics and share my insights and concerns with a growing audience.


Jamming AI

I’m currently working on a new project, Jamming AI – a series of hands-on workshops to demonstrate the ethical use of AI in several sectors of work and enterprise. Let’s explore ethical AI to enhance human creativity and ingenuity!

As a tech rebel and technology ethics advisor, I help businesses to make sound decisions based on ethical principles. With my experience and expertise in this complex field, I tackle tricky ethical issues in the global tech industry and guide companies toward responsible practices.

But I’m not just about buzzwords, jargon, and paying lip service to these principles. I’ll help you to effortlessly navigate the ethical minefield that lies before us and foresee the social and political impact of your decisions. The question is simple… What sort of world do we wish to leave for our children and our children’s children? Get in touch and I’ll help you to become a responsible, sustainable business that cares about more than just the bottom line.

Let’s positively impact the world together.

Contact me to be a changemaker!

tech rebel: n
a fearless and creative innovator who embraces the power of technology to challenge the existing order and create a better future

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