Nicoletta Iacobacci

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Jamming ai

A new approach to AI education – Our twist on hackathons. We harness the power of generative AI in diverse sectors. We encourage creativity, collaboration, and innovation through multidisciplinary jam sessions.


Unleashing Creativity with Generative AI

I’m so excited about this new series of generative AI workshops. An opportunity to explore generative AI across several sectors. In this collaborative, hands-on experience, we’ll be working with AI to support human innovation and creativity.

What I’m most proud of is ‘Climate Jam’, a crucial element of Jamming AI.

My intention as an ethics and technology strategist is to encourage the use of AI to foster creativity and find intelligent solutions to the problems we currently face on the planet. By using AI to address the issue of climate change, we’ll be using technology for good – to help us all to create a better future.

Rather than handing over our power to technology, or burying our heads in the sand, we take an informed and ethical position, using it to solve problems and inspire and enrich human creativity and intelligence.

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